Master Persuasive Copywriter Wanted For Our Unique Digital Agency


I don’t just want experienced, I want the best.  

And I’m happy to pay well for it. I’m happy to provide you with a steady stream of interesting work for you to get your teeth into and bring you into the creative ideation process. I’m not looking to pay by the hour, I’ll pay a fixed fee for the asset output. It’s the model we offer our clients, and how I run the agency.  

I’m looking for someone who has multiple personalities that they can drop into to meet a brief and deliver an awesome outcome. Someone who is obsessed with learning and sharpening their skills. Writing doesn’t just come naturally to you, you see the world through words and have mastered the art of persuasion. Gary Halbert, Frank Kern and Derek Johanson's names might as well be tattooed on your arm and are just a few of the copy-gods you worship.  

I appreciate this might make you a little mad, which is great. I’m mad too.  

Madness I can deal with...  

Inability to self-manage, missing deadlines and a lack of integrity, I cannot.  

As you can tell, I’m a marketer. And I'm not a bad copywriter (you will be better). This means I’m not just going to take words from you that don’t blow my mind and send them to my client. If being challenged bothers you, this is not the job for you.  

Our agency needs a razor-sharp copywriter that can talk to the personal growth/self-development market and write direct response copy that packs a punch and enchants it’s readers to convert and buy the life-changing products that our clients offer.  

We need:

  • Highly converting sales page copy
  • Strategic email sequences 
  • Direct response Facebook ads  

I know exactly who I’m looking for, and if I’ve written this ad right, you’re already looking for where to apply and can’t wait to show me your stuff.  

If this ad seems a bit intense, or you think I’m full of myself, that’s cool, we’re not the right fit.  

There is much more to our agency that meets the eye and our clients do really important meaningful work. They trust us to really amplify their impact and this takes a team of excellence-driven superhumans to do this.

So that’s what we want, what about you?  

  • You’re an experienced direct response copywriter with a stellar track record in writing highly converting copy.
  • You’re self-employed and looking for great contract work.
  • You’re looking to work with someone who respects great copy and you’ll enjoy working with.
  • You want your work to matter and have a heart (despite your mastery of the dark arts of copywriting) and would like to use your word-weapons for good, to defend the planet’s future.  

So, if you’re all riled up and ready to apply, here’s what to do next:  

Send me 3 of your best pieces of:

  • Sales page
  • Email sequence (single email is ok, but it better be awesome)
  • Facebook ads  

The impact that these pieces had on your client’s business (because that stuff matters).  

I also want to hear about you, what you’re looking for, what you think you’re worth and who you look up to for inspiration and training.  

You’re the copywriter so I’ll leave you to write a subject line that catches my attention.  

I’ll look out for your email to ella@madeofmagic.co (this is the only way to apply).