Facebook Ads Ninja Wanted For Unique High-Ticket Lead Generation Agency


If you can’t prove the ROI of your last 3 client’s campaigns, this job in NOT for you.  

If you do not know the CPL and CPA of the last campaign you ran off the top of your head, please stop reading now.  


I’m looking for a ROI-obsessed, weapons-like Facebook Ads manager to build, optimise and scale highly performing lead generation campaigns for our incredible clients in the personal growth and self-development space.  

This role is not for the faint hearted or anyone prone to dropping the ball.  

I’m looking for an operator.  

There are no neglected campaigns around here.  

Metrics not available because of tracking not being setup? Not acceptable.  

Not able to identify where the funnel needs optimisation? Not a chance.  

I don’t need someone to reinvent the wheel. I have a wheel, and it’s rolling along nicely. What I need is: for someone to own it.  

Take our existing optimisation system and run with it, then, make it better than it currently is.  

Of course, your industry experience in lead generation funnels will be extremely valuable and I’m particularly interested to hear how you have scaled ad spend and kept evergreen funnels going over longer periods of time, whilst improving performance.  

So, who are you?  

You’ve ran numerous lead generation campaigns for clients and understand how to optimise and scale campaigns to get results.  

You are highly rational and make data-driven decisions.  

You laugh when you hear every man and his dog say they are a “Facebook Marketer” because you know the methodical and calculated approach that mastery of this system really takes - and how few people actually nail it.  

You know things that other advertisers don’t and you’re always looking for ways to outsmart and leverage the system.  

You can take one look at your campaigns and know straight away if/where the problem is. AND, you can diagnose that is and isn’t working in a campaign that you DIDN’T setup  

You work fast (maybe you’ve got some software you can recommend to work faster?).  

You can own your mistakes, are not afraid to take on feedback and never lie to your clients about results.  

You are constantly learning, part of at least 2 group programs or masterminds where you stay ahead of the platforms and tactics.  

This remote opportunity would suit a FB ads contractor who is:

  • Is experienced, but looking to level up
  • Maybe be sick of working with multiple clients and would love a steady stream of work 
  • Self-employed and looking for great contract work.
  • Looking to work with someone who only produce great results and you’ll enjoy working with.
  • Wanting their work to matter and have a heart (despite your mastery of the dark arts of Facebook marketing) and would like to use your skills for good, to defend the planet’s future.  

This role will require you to be hands on in accounts daily, at the same time everyday and report accordingly.  

You will be given one account to manage for a few weeks and, if you do a good job, more will be added after that. This contract could end up seeing you manage 5-6 accounts at any given time. Meaning you would need to have the capacity to scale up to working 5 or 6 hours per day on Made of Magic’s clients.  

Here’s the deal:  

I’m going to teach you a system that has been proven to work.  

That is a big risk for me.  

So, WHO you are., WHY you do what you do, and the TYPE of clients you work with, is super important.  

I’m building a soulful team of real, hardworking, dedicated and super-switched on marketers who understand the importance of delivering value to the marketplace - if you want to be part of that team, you’ll have to prove yourself.  

If you’re already rolling up your sleeves and thinking “Who does this chick think she is? I’ll show her what a highly-performing campaign looks like!”  

GOOD! I want to hear from you!  

Here’s what to do next:  

Send me 2 of your latest case studies.  

Pick ones that are high-ticket and as close to the personal growth, self-development industry as possible.  

They MUST contain screenshots from inside FB ads manager.  

I’m not going to tell you what metrics to include. If you’re right for this job, you know what matters. Just make sure you give me some context.  

I also want to hear about you, what you’re looking for, what you think you’re worth and who you look up to for inspiration and training. If you are part of any relevant training or mastermind groups, please name these.  

You must include your hourly rate.  

Email to ella@madeofmagic.co (this is the only way to apply) Subject Header: [The CPL and CPA of my last campaign was $X and $X respectively]  

I’m looking forward to hearing from you Ninja! I’m excited to welcome you into our team to make some magic!