Chris's Story

Chris runs men's retreats in South America. Each year, as the deadline for his retreat loomed, he felt anxious, relying on hope and hustle to fill spots. 😟  

Without a system to generate leads, he was relying on a completely manual (and exhausting) marketing effort. When he wasn't spending hours scheduling posts and answering messages, he was worrying about being able to fill the retreat on time and trying to keep up with the latest marketing tactics. 🤯  

He knew things had to change. So he did what all good business owners do, he hired a Digital Marketer. 👩‍💻  

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a disaster and Chris found himself just 6 weeks out from his first retreat without a single spot sold. 😳  

On the lookout for the solution, Chris and I crossed paths.  

I explained our strategic and human-centred approach to lead generation and unique understanding of this market (more on that later). I knew I could help him and decided to take him on as a client.  

After running him through a strategic and creatively designed blueprint and 3-month roadmap, we launched the campaign. 🚀  

The results? In just 28 days, his first retreat sold out. 🔥 6 weeks in, the campaign has generated him over $52,000 in revenue and he hasn't had to do ANY of this marketing himself.🤑💪  

Needless to say, Chris is delighted and enjoying spending his time focusing on improving the retreat experience, making it more profitable and most importantly, actually living his life (he's even dating again! 😉).  

NOTE: “completed pre-call survey” means someone not only booked a call but also had filled out a survey so Chris knew they were serious leads 😁  

Cool story right?  

So, there’s good news and bad news.  

The bad news?  

We’re at capacity and not taking any new agency clients, so we can’t do this for you right now.  

But before you roll your eyes and stick a pin in an Ella shaped voodoo dolls for getting your hopes up, here’s the good news...  

I want to show you how I did it. 👀 And still do it. Over and over again for other clients.  

You see, it’s not rocket science, and I believe that marketing your retreat doesn’t have to be hard. But, you do need the right strategies, and some support along the way.  

That’s why I've teamed up with my business mentor (who happens to be the beset marketer I know and I consult for ALL my campaign) and put together a program that you're going to LOVE!

We're going to teach you step-by-step how to design and market your retreat, not just once, but over and over again. 📈  

It’s called Retreat Accelerator and part of our new training organisation; School of Magic.  

We know it all might sound a little too good to be true and you might want to have a chat with us to learn more about the program and see if it’s a good fit.

Great, you can book a call with Ella here and chat through where you're at and how this could help.👇


But, you’ll want to be quick. ⏰  

We’re only taking a limited number of students and we’re filling up fast!  

Would you like to learn: ✅ A step by step process that predictably fills your retreats and takes the stress out of the whole process ✅ What to include on your sales page (and some templates to follow) ✅ The EXACT funnel we use to get results for agency clients ✅ The anatomy of a discovery call that gets deposits paid immediately ✅ How you can use Facebook ads to generate a predictable stream of leads to fill a whole year’s worth of retreats! ✅ How to pick the RIGHT niche to target for YOU  

PLUS, there is that all important element of coaching, mentoring and support - we’ll explain how that works on the call.  

So, what will it be?  

A proven strategy to fill 2020’s retreats?  

Or a blind stab in the dark with fingers crossed?  

You know what to do. 

Yes, I'm the real deal. Here are some nice things people said 👇